Stay off Wilshire at Highland

I saw this on Flickr of all places in unsure shot’s photostream. Looks like the police have shut down the road for a possible hostage situation.

I don’t see anything about it on the news websites (and they took away my TV at the office).

Anyone else have any info?

UPDATE 4:54 PM: Fox 11 has some vague details on it (it’s a hostage situation with a gunman holding an unknown number of people).

UPDATED UPDATE 5:28: The intersection has reopened. Still no news on the news.

3 thoughts on “Stay off Wilshire at Highland”

  1. The intersection has been reopened. Still not sure exactly what happened but it’s over now.

  2. FYI I work right across highland at the VNU building. It sure does seem like a hostage crisis, because they are evacuating the johnny cochran building, and there are people on the 4th and 5th floors signaling the cops with the mini blinds and waving white flags. Also cops with assault rifles aiming at windows on the building, im no pro. But i think that is a little excessive for a guy with a pipe.

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