Faux-Pas at the Chinese Restaurant

Note to self: do not wear your Chairman Mao Obey t-shirt to your neighborhood Chinese restaurant. I know it is subversive sarcasm, but the waitress might not. Although she did take interest in it and question me if I knew who it was (I did). She also remarked in the 20 years she had lived in the US, this was the first time she had seen his picture. We’re all an ugly American occasionally and I had my little slip up last night. :(

7 thoughts on “Faux-Pas at the Chinese Restaurant”

  1. My friend wore a sombrero and a moustache to a Cinco de Mayo party. A sombrero is good if you are in Cabo; but out of context it’s weird. And the moustache put it into blackface territory. Oops.

  2. When I was in college, I had a shirt with Augosto Sandino on it. One day while in line at the dorm cafeteria, one of the food service workers stopped me.

    Her: Do you know who that is?

    Me: It’s Sandino. Why?

    Her: I’m from Nicaragua.

    It turns out that her family had fled Somoza before the Sandinistas came to power, so she wanted to know where I bought it and wasn’t offended.

  3. yeah, actually the waitress asked me where I got it. because she hadn’t seen them. I wasn’t sure if she was offended or not. But I was embarrassed for sure.

  4. I have this horrible shirt I got years ago at Hustler on Sunset when I had no taste. It’s a faux-Chinese advert, for “We Bang Nao” Massage Parlour in Honolulu, HI. Klassy with a capital K.

    I cut off the sleeves and wear it inside out, ‘cuz it’s one of those totally bitchen’ soft, perfectly-fit shirts you just can’t bear to part with.

  5. I wore my totally lame New Mexico, Cleaner than regular Mexico shirt into a carniceria last week. I didn’t notice until I left the store, but I felt like a total ass.

  6. i think it begs the question: why would one intentionally buy something knowing that it was going to be offensive? is it that we’re that crass and arrogant? or is that we’re that ignorant?

    i’ll choose ignorance. at least that can be fixed. i’ll always be eternally hopeful.

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