Arnie Downs California Historic Wine Proposal

Over at LAVoice, MadProfessah opines on some pending vetoes expected to be exercised in the near future by Herr Governator. But he didn’t mention that Arnie today killed the bill to make zinfandel California’s historic wine. Note, that’s “historic,” not “state.” We have all kinds of lame state symbols, like a State Tartan, a State “Gold Rush Ghost Town,” and my favorite, a State Fife and Drum Band, but supposedly this would’ve been the first with potentially serious commercial implications and even watering it down to “historic” wasn’t enough to satisfy critics. Muscley McSchwartzengovenor busted out the big red veto pen earlier today and now reporters all over the state are killing themselves writing painfully bad grape metaphors.

8 thoughts on “Arnie Downs California Historic Wine Proposal”

  1. I kid you not: there was considerable debate over which ghost town gets to call itself the state ghost town.

    There was/is similar bad blood between Huntington Beach and Santa Cruz over which gets to be Surf City, USA.

  2. Well, it’s not just a California thing. Every state/country has it’s own official whatevers contests. I mean, think about it: if all your town or area has going for it is a ghost town, you’ll be pretty damn amped on getting it called THE ghost town. Work with what you got, I guess.

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