From abLA :: LACMA – the good and the bad


Last Friday for the first time in a long time, I went to LACMA. The lure of David Hockney’s portrait exhibition was just too strong. This trip reminded me of how absolutely amazing art can be and how amazingly-botched an art museum can be at the same time.

LACMA the good
Not surprisingly what is good about LACMA is the art which, when it all boils down to it, matters the absolute most. The Hockney portraits show is amazing (most seem to agree) and actually a damn good time. And wandering through LACMA’s permanent collections (more so than I ever have) was a true highlight of my trip…continue reading

LACMA the bad
Detailed in four points it begins with lighting – with halogen bulbs mere inches away from their massive ceilings, some pieces only have one light shining on them. Others, like a first few rooms of Hockney, were so dark it was hard to see the artwork…continue reading

Image: Clyfford Still – 1955-H