Another Take on Sunset Junction

game.jpg Will wasn’t the only b.laer at the Silverlake Streetfair this weekend. Somehow I allowed myself to be dragged there. We arrived just before sunset on Saturday. Ticket prices had just gone up and I was cranky. Luckily my friend found a ticket band on the ground, which she quickly snapped up and put on my wrist. Then she pulled the local discount, so we ended up getting the three of us in for a mere $20.

Once we were inside we pushed passed drunken hipsters to check out booths. There were various interesting clothing options. Many of the booths I stopped by didn’t have actual stores, the only sold their stuff online. So it was cool to check out the merchandise before buying. Plus it’s cool to see what people are making in their backyard with some stencils.

When I had exhausted my shopping interest (about 3 booths) I stumbled upon the carnival rides. This was a delightful surprise. I didn’t expect there to be crazy carnival rides. I checked out the options for a while, eyeing the spinning saucer. I eventually I took three turns on the spinning disk that turns vertical and one meditative experience on what I call the vomitron.

controller.jpgThe guy running the vomitron was completely insane. I could also see him getting a kick out of making the two pods spin faster and faster and the delight he got out of catching them at the top. I watched him from the line to learn just who I was putting my life (or at least my equilibrium) in the hands off.

Finally it was my turn. My friend and I crammed ourselves into the tiny cage. This was a feat in itself as she is 6 foot with a penchant for 3 inch heels! Our crazy driver snapped us in and then went to man the controls. We started slow enough, building speed. I was wondering when he was going to hold us upside-down. But he went straight to the fast spinning. My friend was screaming, while I quietly meditated, wondering why this feeling felt familiar. Then it hit me – the ride was like a fractaled nitrous trip. I whispered this secret to my friend and our ride changed.

The pressure was building in my head and yet I was calm. I could feel the endorphin and adrenaline rush, and yet, I was breathing normally. I watched the world spin from crowd to black. I saw the pavement fly up at my face over and over with increasing speed and I had no fear. When we stopped – a moment in time – upside down, our neighbors screaming, my body hung limp. Ever piece of resistance was drained out of me.

The cage slowed down and our door was opened. My feet were back on solid ground. I had a profound sense of serenity.

And all that for a mere $4!

3 thoughts on “Another Take on Sunset Junction”

  1. Nice description of a carnival ride. After those things I never have acutually analyzed my takes on wanting to spew everywhere. I also like that the carnival you went to has so many booths from people trying to sell their own stuff. I really like painting on t-shirts and may actually get to sell them at a concert sometime soon.

  2. i got on the “vomittron” Saturday night after three sangrias. needless to say that i later regretted that decision.

    it was a lot of fun while i was on it, though!

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