Sweatin’ Bullet Points: 8/28/06… early edition

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/08/figureitout-thumb.jpg‚Ä¢ After you’re done with your morning crossword, try deciphering this sign. Photo by Sherrie Gulmahamad is aptly titled “You figure it out” (crossposted on the Metroblogging LA Flickr feed)

‚Ä¢ Forbes.com unveiled its list of the drunkest US cities last week. Milwaukee was #1, and Los Angeles was a full keg behind at #23. Heck, it ain’t for lack of role models – at least we’re number one for most famous drunks, from our pride and joy Mr. Bukowski to more recent notables “Sugar Tits” Mel and Hayley-Joel.

‚Ä¢ Ten minutes after calling in a bomb threat to delay a flight he barely missed boarding, a Florida man was apprehended at Long Beach Airport. While the plane’s departure was only delayed by less than hour while bomb sniffing dogs searched for explosives, the man could face a ten years sentence. (source: LA Times)

‚Ä¢ 3000 miles away, the New York Times picks up on the rash of restaurant robberies up in the Valley, and considers that the “ski mask bandits” might be ex-cops. Among the details, some victims noticed the robbers “kept their fingers on their guns’ safeties, not the triggers.” (h/t Valley Observed)

‚Ä¢ A San Fernando High School teacher is suing the LAUSD, claiming the school principal began giving him negative reports as retaliation after the teacher encouraged students to discuss the war in Iraq critically. The teacher and a school librarian also take issue with military recruiters in the school, and in response have shown “Fahrenheit 9/11” in the classroom. (source: LA Times)

6 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullet Points: 8/28/06… early edition”

  1. How is that parking sign that difficult to understand? There’s no real conflicting information and at least it’s all on one sign – rather than in San Francisco where things can be more specific per parking meter or other pole.

  2. That’s what I was thinking. Maybe it’s because those signs are common in the neighborhoods adjacent to mine.

    For the reading challenged, let me restate the info on the sign. If you’ve got a district 41 sticker on your car, park anytime you like for as long as you like, except Monday mornings when we claim to sweep the streets (although I think that the street sweeping reg is as much to make sure people don’t leave cars on the street for months at a time).

    If you don’t have the sticker, then you can only park for 2 hours at a time Monday through Friday. Except, again, for the two hours on Monday morning when we do street sweeping.

  3. For someone not as used to city signs as maybe longtime Angelenos, I think that those signs take a bit of deciphering. Certainly, after reading through that and counting on your fingers and toes, someone will figure out they can only park there during the day, but its a little convoluted. Maybe if we were a drunker city, it would make things worse.

  4. David,
    Keep up with these Sweatin’ Bullets. (At least until you get sick of doing them). They are becoming an enjoyable part of my internet reading schedule.

  5. I took this photo on Sunday. I’ve been living here for ten friggin’ years and I’m still paranoid, and I still stand and really look at the parking signs to triple check that I’m not in for a $65 ticket surprise.

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