Silver Lake Reservoir + Truck = Fun!


This morning I saw a report on CBS2 about a security guard who’d driven his truck into the reservoir near2700 Tesla Ave. Since this is right around the corner I rushed out to see if I could get some photos. Since the story said this was a neighborhood security patrol I figured there would be some busted fence segment worth taking a photo of but I couldn’t find anything. No broken fence, nothing that looked like it was recently repaired. So now I have to ask if this was someone who was already inside the fence? There’s a day care on that corner, perhaps this was a guard employed by them? You can see a better view of the area with this satellite photo. The only other option is that it’s one of the DWP trucks that is usually circling the reservoir from inside the fence. Anyone else in the area have some scoop?

3 thoughts on “Silver Lake Reservoir + Truck = Fun!”

  1. What the hell? I live on Armstrong and I had no clue until you posted this.

    According to the video, it says it was a white DWP pickup. So it seems you’re right, it must be one of those trucks that drives around the perimiter. Here’s the link to the video:[email protected]

    However, the reporter said that the reservoir provides water for Silver Lake & Downtown. In one of the reservoir re-development meetings I was told that this reservoir’s water went to San Pedro and that people in Silver Lake get their water from Lake Hollywood.

  2. Yeah it totally had to be one of the DWP-employed security guards who patrol the perimeter road of the reservoir — inside the fence.

    Doesn’t surprise me that the local news would blow it all out of proportion and make it seem like the truck rammed its way through at some outrageous speed.

    And Frank’s right, the Silver Lake reservoir doesn’t serve Silver Lake.

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