Heaven Scent

By day it’s a common looking garden bush, by night it transforms into manna from heaven. It’s night bloomin’ jasmine and it’s all over the hills and valleys now, blooming like crazy and wafting it’s scent into my bedroom windows. Gone by daybreak!

5 thoughts on “Heaven Scent”

  1. This is the scent that I first associated LA with when I moved here, and I still identify it with freedom and opportunity. How can I get this as a car freshener?

  2. We were fortunate to have a backyard courtyard of night blooming jasmine in our previous apartment and it was the best thing in the world coming outside during the summer nights, being greeted with its fleeting scent. I think your post has reminded me to plant some in our current residence and bring back the goodness :)

  3. Plagerized but vital….

    Ever walk down the streets of Hollywood at night, caught up in the mundanities of life, and be overwhelmed by the delicous, intoxicating aroma of Night Blooming Jasmine? You look around to discover the source, you turn your head in every position to try to savor its delicate aroma, yet its gone. You don’t know where it came from, you don’t know why you were blessed with it, yet you can’t get it back. You even wonder if it was ever really there. By the nature of it, its not meant to stick around. For a brief moment you weren’t surrounded by plastic, pretence and earthly pursuits. You get reminded of the miracles of the simple sensory pleasures of life. It awakens the primal creature within. Its simplicity resides in the mysteries of the night. It doesn’t want to linger as if afraid its allure might overwhelm you. For a moment there is sadness and longing, and then gratitude for its fleeting presence. And you continue on your journey. Everytime you go to the market you see candles, and aerosols, and incense that say Jasmine on them. You take a quick whiff and realize it is a bad imitation of a natural beauty….I gotta be careful though…I’m one of those romantic assholes that will get run over by a fast moving car while he has eyes closed, standing alone in the middle of the street, hoping and waiting to bask in its delicous scent. But it is off to eventually enjoy being fleetingly worshipped by someone elses senses ….I also have to stay aware that my suit of chivalrous armor slows my reaction time, is really out of date in todays fashions, and scares the shit out of the fairest of maidens.

  4. Artist Carlos Almarez once said something close to, “The ambient scent of Echo Park is night blooming jasmine, motor oil, and beer.”

  5. Coffee Burt….how beautiful….it’s exactly how I feel about night blooming jasmine! where is that from?
    I planted that bush years ago and every summer it gives me a gift.
    The whole house fills up with it. It’s kind of like love, you can’t put your nose right in it…. but just enjoy it when it blloms and drifts by you. And god forbid if you pick it. It just wilts away!

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