The Canadian Building

Blogdowntown did a looking back post this week mentioning how, one year ago, new lights were installed on the Canadian Building.

05.jpgI ran a Google search on this, but could only come up with an archive entry detailing the building’s date of construction and style. What I now want to know is why it’s the Canadian Building. The Canadian Consulate is on Hope St. Is this perhaps a building named for the same reason as La Ca√±ada – a refernce to a river or gorge, like the Canadian River in West Texas? Or is this a legacy of an actual, live Canadian? Or is a secret meeting place for Canadians to plot our world domination?

Does anyone out there know, or do I just have to go down there to solve the mystery?

2 thoughts on “The Canadian Building”

  1. Unfortunately I can’t answer the why question yet (though it’s a really good one and has me curious), but I can say that the building has been the Canadian Building since it was built. A 1911 display ad in the LA Times confirms that. There is no article talking about the building being built, but there is one talking about it being sold in 1940 for $200,000.

  2. The Canadian Building was built in 1910. Its construction coincided with the shift of the central business district south from the Plaza. The building originally housed the Canadian Consulate. It was converted to loft apartments in 1970 and is one of the oldest adaptive reuse developments downtown.

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