Pimp Your Rat Dog

story2_photo_main.jpg Jeez, first it was babies-in-a-purse, now the new trendoid fashion on the LA street scene is rat dogs in a purse. Yes, you heard me right, not dog on a stick, but dog as a purse. They’re everywhere thanks to Paris Hilton. Dogs as an accessory. Well, if you must be au courant, get one of these to dress up your stand in baby. They’re available at Doggie Styles, 9467 Charleville Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212, 310-278-003 and Pets of Bel Air, 2924 Beverly Glen Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90077, (310) 475-7977. Thanks to the Drudge Report for pointing this out to us!

One thought on “Pimp Your Rat Dog”

  1. Its a bit scary to see us carting around little toy dogs like accessories, but I have to admit, my Yorkie Terrier is such a sweet dog I am tempted to take him everywhere with me too and the thing is he loves it too! So the next time you roll your eyes at the girl with the dog in her purse because she looks a little stupid doing it, you know what? She feels a little stupid too but didn’t want to leave her dog at home because she worked all day.

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