As if on cue…

Just a few minutes past midnight and the sounds of construction have begun, echoing up the hill from Sunset. In a few hours all the stages and boths will be in place for Sunset Junction. Until then, those of us in earshot, the same ones who won’t be able to drive anywhere over the weekend unless we’re not interested in getting back to our houses before Monday, get to listen to the, um, erection.

3 thoughts on “As if on cue…”

  1. Reminds me of when I lived a few blocks from the Kodak Theatre. Buh.

    I ended up learning a LOT of back-road routes thru the hills and alleys of H’wood, around Academy Awards time.

  2. Every year I go to sleep to the sounds of them DROPPING METAL POLES. I still have no idea what they’re doing exactly 1/2 block down at the Junction (erecting tents? putting up the fence?) but know that those fuckers drop poles all night long, Fri night and Sun night.

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