The Other Downtown LA

Tonights IAAL/MAF ride, maped out our master router Eric Richardson took us south from downtown through Vernon and then Huntington Park where they seem to be very fond of the naming structure of the streets in downtown. From the e-mail earlier today announcing the route, Eric wrote:

“We then skate the boundary between Bell and Huntington Park where we encounter something a little bit odd: Flower Street, Hope Street, Grand Ave, Olive Street, Hill Street and Broadway. The names are the same, but there are no high rises on these residential streets. It seems the city of Huntington Park has co-opted Downtown’s naming scheme. We turn down Broadway, but see no cheap shops and old theatres.

“Just before hitting Walnut Park we cut north and soon take a left on Randolph Street. In 1902 a pair of land owners had 100-acres they were trying to develop southeast of Downtown LA. They had called their development La Park in 1901, but in this year they changed the name to “Huntington Park” and gave Henry Huntington a right-of-way on Randolph in order to entice him to bring his Pacific Electric railroad to their land. The city was officially incorporated in 1906.”

We ended up at our usual post ride sushi shop in Little Tokyo a little after 10PM putting the ride right about 17 miles. Both Will and Mack had cameras so I’ll update this post with links to their pics once they are online.

UPDATE: Pics and a report on the smells at LA Voice, and Will gives the details on the unwelcomed reception we received in many areas.