The late, great Pamela Gordon finally gets her close-up

dogwalker.jpgWe mark the passing of superstars in public and with great fanfare, but there are rank-and-file acting greats who deserve no less than the same star treatment. Pamela Gordon was one of those unknown superstars: an actor’s actor with an IMDb full of bread-and-butter roles that paid the rent while she did breathtaking (and I mean, this broad took your breath away) diva turns on local stages like the force of nature she was.

Ironically, Pamela’s first starring role is one she’ll never get to see in the dark with her fans; she died of cancer in 2003 and The Dogwalker opens today at the Laemmle’s in Beverly Hills.

For those of you who knew & loved Pam, here’s one more chance to see her strut her stuff. For those of you what didn’t, you can read up on her via L.A. playwright Erik Patterson’s blog here (and the excellent story of their first meeting here) and wish you had…