Sweatin’ Bullet Points: 8/25/06

‚Ä¢ Plans are underway to replace the sidewalks in Beverly Hills with sparkly granite. “That’s Kenoran Sage Granite to you, bub,” say JAmussen at LA Voice, who gives “mad props” to Beverly Hills for “articulating my nagging unease with my recent forays” there with the $850 per foot sidewalks. Andrew with Here In Van Nuys avoids all sarcasm with his analysis: “Once again, aging Beverly Hills looks to the surface for a makeover, but it should look into its rotten, jaded soul first.”

‚Ä¢ Eva Ruiz says that Hair Clinic in Silverlake was “extremely meticulous in handling my vajayjay” while she received a Brazilian wax. Her, um, articulate (and positive) review of her visit there for a Brazilian wax is in LA Taco?

‚Ä¢ Who cares about the booze, bands, and broads at Sunset Junction when you can walk around exploring past crime scenes in the neighborhood of “murders, suicides, robberies, car crashes, ukelele beatings” and more? The LA Alternative provides a pull out map with 29 such locations written by the 1947Project’s Kim Cooper, or print out the online edition here.

‚Ä¢ One month after releasing pics of 47 unidentified women photographed by death row inmate William Richard Bradford, the LA Sherriff’s Department have received over 1,000 calls, identified 23 of the women as alive (including a cast member of CSI: Miami), but suggest they may have matched one photo to a woman who went missing in Daytona Beach, FL in ’83. (source: Daily Breeze)

• LAFD Capt. David Jaime Del Toro was released on bail again after having been rearrested as a possible flight risk Рunder the new deal, he was instructed to give up his passport and must wear an electronic tracking bracelet. Del Toro was charged with killing a woman and dragging her body with his car for a quarter mile. (source: Daily News)

4 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullet Points: 8/25/06”

  1. Hey there Mark. FWIW, the Sunset map only covers about a square mile (I think?) around Sunset Junction. That was the whole point.

    If we tried to do a whole “deaths on Sunset” issue, we’d go broke adding extra pages to the print run.

    BUT I have an inside tip: KIm’s wanting to do a series of maps all throughout the city. So stay tuned to 1947 Project.

  2. Beopenguin:
    Send me an invoice for the damages – do you accept Paypal?
    The map of crimes is only for the Sunset Junction area in Los Feliz – indeed, if it were to extend throughout all of Sunset Blvd it could fill an entire book (and has, BTW!).

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