Jill Greenberg photo of John Mark Karr?

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/08/karrheadshot-thumb.jpgSomething about this photo looked familiar when I saw it this morning on Drudge Report… or maybe its just my imagination. Certainly a little too stylish for the usual booking photo.

While it is unlikely the controversial “End Times” photographer took this, it does bear a resemblance to the creepy styling of her portraits…

UPDATED: Below is a side by side comparison of a slightly altered version of the Karr photo alongside some of Greenberg’s portraits…

(Previous blogging.la coverage of Jill Greenberg here and here.)


6 thoughts on “Jill Greenberg photo of John Mark Karr?”

  1. yes david, you are definitely making a connection between pedophilia and jill’s photos. of course, the connection (hey, you noticed some lighting similarities though you had to make “slight alteration”) is entirely in your head. that is, pedophilia as an aspect of this work is a projection you have made on it.

    tells me quite a bit about you, not so much about the art.

  2. that is, pedophilia as an aspect of this work is a projection you have made on it.

    Ha….that’s funny, anon. You’re the only person that used the word “pedophilia” in this thread, which says worlds about you and nothing about anyone else. Well done.

  3. Actually, Anon, I wasn’t making any connection between the two. Truth is, the mugshot reminded me of Jill’s work – use of what appears to be LED ringlights (but being an amateur, technically I’m talking out of my ass).
    If I was drawing any connection, it was to the exploitive nature of her work. Jill manipulated children to cry in the name of her art… and the idea of Karr getting a well known photographer to snap him didn’t sound far off. Its dark satire.
    But, since you brought it up, I apologize to Jill and anyone else who thinks I was trying to draw a comparison between her work and pedophilia.

    But what tells me quite a bit about you, anon, is your cowardly criticism without putting a name to it. I put my name on everything I write as a mark that I stand by it – I’m fully accountable for my words. That said, feel free to do the same – even if you strongly disagree with me, your comments are welcome.

  4. I’m with Markland – have the guts to put your name to your words or go snivel them elsewhere.

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