MTA Spells DOH!

An Article in today’s L.A. Times covers the recruiting measures the MTA is undertaking to get new butts in the driver’s seats of their buses — and fast. To help increase the flow of candidates, it’s teamed up with L.A. Valley College to offer free five-week “Transit English” courses for those potential drivers who don’t speak it so good, and unveiled a referral program in which employees can score three hundies for each new driver they recruit.

That’s all well and good… but of aaaaaall the days — the very day they get some solid press about the hiring lamp being lit it — today would’ve been a really good one for the MTA to make sure that when anyone clicks on the Jobs link at they don’t get this (or one can hope at least not for very much longer):


UPDATE (09:54 a.m.): Well, almost two hours later and at least they’ve progessed it from an empty page to a standard 404 error (image after the jump):


4 thoughts on “MTA Spells DOH!”

  1. yeah that is a crying shame. i would actually not mind driving a bus part time while i am going to school. i would have some interesting blogging material.

    oh well, looks like i will have to look elsewhere.

  2. I don’t know what you mean by down Koga, at least as of this morning. The home page is up and all the main links are accessible as well as a few random subordinate ones I tested. The only page I found not functioning was the jobs page.

  3. The MTA website has been down for some time…it may surprise them to know that some people rely on it for schedules….so if anyone can get through, how about putting a 002/302 timetable online….gotta get from Hollywood to Brentwood!

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