Black & white & zin all over

Tonight marks the convergence of two of my favorite things: drinking wine and gazing at my friend Andrew Ward‘s photographs. Andrew hails from Ireland, originally, and in that inimitable Irish way seems to make himself at home and put his subjects at ease wherever he is: India, Haiti, Cuba, Guatemala, etc. ad nauseum.

He’s hauled over some new large format Gicl√©e prints from his place in Mt. Washington to the Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock, including one that’s on loan from my collection (ahem). The goods will be on display through September 24th, but if you want to snag some free hors d’oeuvres and cheese (here’s hoping his French-born wife, Alex, has a hand in those) while you look, head on over tonight between 6 – 8:30.

Caveat freeloaders: a call to the friendly Nugents of Co. Wine Co. confirmed that there will be a charge per glass ($4 – 7), but they assured me it will be nicer stuff than the usual art opening fare (a.k.a. worth it). Deets after the jump.

Andrew Ward Photography Exhibit
at Colorado Wine Company
Aug 11 – Sep 24

OPENING RECEPTION: Thu, Aug 24; 6 – 8:30pm

2114 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 478-1985