All You Ever Wanted to Know About Gentrification’s a fantastic and HUGE article up on LAWeekly on the topic of gentrification: Welcome to Gentrification City by David Zahniser. I read it all yesterday afternoon and kept it in mind as I drove home to Silverlake, where I’ve lived for some 13 years. It’s changed a lot, though it was plenty gentrified when I moved there. Honestly, I don’t know that much about Silverlake’s demographic history, and though some of it has gone upscale in the way of prices, the number of units seems to have stayed the same. It’s not suffered from the McMansion syndrome that the article mentions about Manhattan Beach. It just seems like the houses have been fixed up and the rents jacked. The stretch of Sunset Blvd. near my house might have more restaurants, but the storefront churches and auto body shops haven’t budged.

If you’re curious about the signs of gentrification, check out their companion list. Evidence Room: Five Signs You’re Gentrifying.

I have to admit that about two years after we moved into our house I removed the last small patch of lawn in our front yard and xeriscaped it … there was no way to keep up with the dog pee killing the grass and I gave up. The article makes no mention of the density of dogs as an indicator of gentrification. I also like the new gelato place on Sunset, even if they do say it’s “Brentwoodized Sunset Junction.”

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  1. But Silver Lake can’t be considered gentrified; there’s no specialty orchid boutique. Oh, wait…

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