Sweatin’ Bullet Points: 8/23/06

‚Ä¢ “Subject Line Here”, a live reading by a collection of LA bloggers held a few months ago, raised over $2200 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society between box office and a DVD of the evening. Congrats to Shane Nickerson and the rest of the crew for putting it all together.

‚Ä¢ The writers at Independent Sources had their claimed antonovich.blogspot.com removed for violating Blogger’s policy against “impersonating any person or entity on a blog.” Without seeing the Google cache of the site, which has also been removed, its difficult to see if they were actually impersonating LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich. However, Blogger only gave the guys less than 48 hours to respond to the allegation. They add, “Google — whose motto is “information wants to be free, except in China” — allows Blogger / Blogspot sites that purport to be written by George W. Bush, John Kerry, and Santa Claus… but LA County Supervisors are apparently out of bounds.”

‚Ä¢ A round up of actual labor oriented marches Labor Day weekend in support of illegal undocumented migrant workers at LA Voice. Mack Reed also points out a number of right wing bloggers “wringing their hands” over the issue.

‚Ä¢ Victor with LosAnjealous has been keeping an eye on Westside Rental’s “dubious” reports on fluctuating rental costs in LA, pointing out “the limited data with which they are attempting to depict a general economic trend cannot in fact be used to do so.” Oh, yeah, discussing charts and real estate sounds dry… but seeing a local blogger expose an influential business like Westside Rentals is worth checking out.

‚Ä¢ ValleyNews.com launched last Monday – great concept (neighborhood specific news), but the layout needs a bit of work (the front page is lame, and isn’t clear that you need to pull a neighborhood from the dropdown list to get anywhere). News items themselves make it worth the extra work.