Surf’s Up

I finally updated my Firefox yesterday (that and a million iTunes updates) and with that update came a new, handy-dandy feature that I have telling me the weather. It’s a “weather advisory” notification that sits to the bottom right-hand portion of my browser – this sure would have come in handy last month during our heat wave. Anyway, what’s the first thing it’s told me? Well, at 2:28pm today the National Weather Service of Los Angeles/Oxnard issues a Coastal Hazard Message for the Ventura and Los Angeles county coasts where larger than normal surf is expected:

A south swell generated from a storm in the southern hemisphere will enter the coastal waters on Thursday…then persist through much of the weekend. This is a very long period swell..initially near 19 seconds…with heights ranging between 3 and 4 feet. Surf will be higher than normal along the Los Angeles and Ventura county beaches as a restult. Especially the exposed south facing beaches.

Stay safe while you’re staying cool!