Pier Pressure

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/08/swp-thumb.jpgThough still more than two weeks away, I’m having trouble containing my excitement over the plans that have been laid regarding next month’s ultra-ambitious Midnight Ridazz so I figured I’d chuck the preliminaries up here so that anyone interested can commence planning their participation accordingly.

And you are going to want to plan. Because while the September 8 ride follows a course across the rarely Ridazz-ridden westside down to the sea, unless like me you’re game for making an about face and biking back upstream all the way home you’re gonna wanna logisticate. Maybe crashing at a SaMo hotel/motel room for the night and biking back the next day is in order. Or previously arranging to have vehicular transportation available in the vicinity of the ride’s endpoint. Or it could be your return trip is facilitiated by $1.25 and any of a number of bike rack-equipped MTA bus lines running away from the ocean.

As important as how you’re going to get home is from where you’ll start the evening’s festivities. Out of consideration for varying levels of rider stamina and to help disperse the current trend of a brazilllion bicyclists converging upon a single point of embarkation, the ride’s organizers are presently orchestrating two separate starting points. One will be at the former L.A. City College stadium (now sadly a parking lot) on Vermont south of Santa Monica Boulevard with a scheduled 9 p.m. departure. The second will be at the Trader Joe’s in Culver City at Venice and Culver boulevards, leaving at 10:30 p.m. (or whenever the pack from LACC passes by). The distances to the pier from each start are approximately 17 and 8 miles, respectively, and confidence is high that the pier will be swarmed by midnight. Can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Pier Pressure”

  1. you know, what i am about to say is going to sound so stupid, but i need some feedback on it.

    i have been wanting to do midnight ridazz for a while, but my lame excuse is that while i think it would be fun to ride with a huge group of people to a location, i am thinking it will not be so fun to ride home in a group of say one two or three people once the festivities are over. at midnight or two am. it just does not appeal.

    like i said, i know this is a stupid reason, but i want to know how other ridazz deal with this.

  2. Hexod, I’ve done about eight MR rides since my first last December and the majority of them have been loops that began and ended in Echo Park (or at least the vicinity of it). I’m not sure if we’ve seen an end to that or just a temporary transition, but the last couple rides have been A-to-B routes, and IMHO that evolution is primarily to “thin the herd” so to speak. I think that’s a big factor in next month’s ride as well — especially with this long one-way route that ends at the ocean’s edge, that’s why I offfered those suggestions to better enjoy it.

    Personally I’m stoked by it, but I’m also a freak who not only savors the Ridazz enviro but also finds joy in biking after midnight throught the sleepy city.

    In the meantime if you ever wanna join us IAAL‚Ä¢MAF types on our Wednesday evening river rides or our Thursday downtowners, we’d love to have ya.

  3. cool, thanks will. i just might take you up on this.

    if there was a herd, it seems like i would be one of the ones that would have been thinned. not a situation that suits me.

    what time wednesday?

  4. The two I’ve been on have been A-to-B kind of routes, but luckily for us (and you) we’ve always had a group of five or six of us to ride back with and planned ahead. I’ll also second Will’s comment that the ride back is actually pretty nice, since the streets are pretty empty.

  5. Hexod, Come on down! Our Wednesday evening rides commence at 6:30 p.m. from Ripple and Fletcher (Ripple is the street inbetween the 5 Freeway and the westbank of the L.A. River). Our Thursday downtowners set sail at 8 p.m.

    Huphtur, I’m with ya!

  6. I’m up for the “riding back that night” option (in my case to Echo Park). Yeah, it’s a little long, but it’s flat and the air will be cool. I think there will be enough of us that it won’t be too lonely a ride. The most difficult part might be finding your gang to synchronize your departure.

  7. Eating at Sanamluang after the awesome Midnight Ridazz last week was a great way to cap off the night. Anyone want to descend in full force upon the Del Taco after the ride next month?

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