Let’s Help Manhattan Beach Think Outside the Box

223448_wire_cutter_1.jpgI noticed a story in the Daily Breeze yesterday about how someone has cut the phone lines to several Manhattan Beach Blvd. businesses FOUR times.

A major issue, it seems, in solving this case is to figure out why this guy (and they think it’s the same guy) keeps doing it.

I figured Blogging.la’s readership is pretty inventive … maybe you can come up with a plausible (or even implausible) motive for someone to keep cutting the phone lines to the Skechers and Starbucks.

Read the whole story here and then report back! My theory after the jump.

I think that one of the businesses has a phone line that he picks up on his baby monitor at home and he’s sick of listening to the chatter. He’s a vegan and he’s irritated that the meat market’s conversations about butchered animals is upsetting his small child. He’s asked that the business change their cordless phone channel, but to no avail and now he’s taking matters into his own hands.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Help Manhattan Beach Think Outside the Box”

  1. Free drinks… period.

    When the phone lines are down at Starbucks and they have to run starbucks card transactions, it can’t communicate with the server as to how much is left on the card. Therefore, when the system is down one could charge as much as they like to their starbucks card without having to worry about going over their balance.

  2. Hmmm, it’s probably a teenage kid who didn’t get hired by one of the stores. (or was fired by one) So he figures screwing up their phones is the best way to get back at them. Then he thought it was fun and started cutting other phone lines.

    I did stupid crap as a kid too, so you may say “why?”, but we do it just because our parents didn’t hug us enough. Or something like that.

    For the first store this happened to, they should check their records. Did they fire anyone recently? Or have some unruley person apply for a job?

    Lets just hope copycat wirecutters don’t start to pop-up in other beach communities… I wont be able to call in my order for a vanilla latte.

  3. Probably the most plausible answer has something to do about Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. I’m not sure how they are involved yet exactly but my suspicions will be confirmed soon.

  4. If you RTFA it says it’s some balding 50 year old dude. If he wanted free drinks at Starbucks, chances are the baristas would find out the phone lines are down when they are charging the customer in line while he’s cutting the cables. I would have to agree with WestwoodDNC, although the Governator might be involved too.

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