Eric Garcetti Drops Some LA Knowledge

Check out this video of City Council president Eric Garcetti speaking at Taix, giving a series of Los Angeles facts and figures. Great, great stuff folks. And funny as all hell:

Eric Garcetti (L.A. City Council President) speaks at TAIX in Echo Park on May 18 , 2006. If you missed the event, here is part of Eric talking about some facts about Los Angeles, including tidbits on the Olympics coming to town soon, the longest and shortest streets in L.A., and some other cool facts about the city he loves.

Did you know the longest street in L.A. is supulveda? How about what year prostitution was outlawed in L.A.?

He makes a great point about people in SF and NY talk so much shit about LA, but LA never really returns the favor. I was just thinking about this to other day.


4 thoughts on “Eric Garcetti Drops Some LA Knowledge”

  1. yo,

    If you’d like to provide some context, Garcetti’s talk was part of a monthly event called (surprise) TALK. TALK? TALK! put on by L.A. Alternative and the El Ey Historical Boys and Girls Society.

    It’s every 3rd Thursday of the month at either Taix or Cole’s and not only is Garcetti rumored to be speaking again in the coming months, but all of the readings, speeches, power presentations and discussions are brilliant. Talk to us…

  2. Okay, that was OUTSTANDING. He’s hilarious! It’s like stand-up comedy politicking! Who knew?!

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