What is Metroblogging?

That is a question that comes up from time to time and last week a blogger in Bangalore wrote a very long post about just that. I’ve spent the past week talking to the folks writing for us, and the people behind the scenes making it happen and I think I have a pretty good answer to the question. It all seems to boil down to the fact that there are people reading blogs for different reasons – some people just want to know it’s raining, while other want to know that it’s raining and that the author lost his umbrella on the way home from work. I like the stories about the unbrellas. If you’ve ever read blogging.la and wondered WTF we’re trying to do, this post is probably worth reading.

One thought on “What is Metroblogging?”

  1. Hi jace
    i got to your post from here so i think its best that i comment here. it is a nice review indeed yet what surprises me is Why “THEY” got so workedup with it i believe by now they should have cleared everything in their mind….its like the gynocologist asking the sixty four million$ question…lol!

    As i see it the blogging is when a blogger colors a stone(post) sign it with his/her URL and throws it into the ocean hoping that someday someway somebody will find it…..chances are not more than five out of billion give or take.

    Now Metroblogging is that a blogger colors the stone and hand it over to a bold and beautiful who puts on the divers gear dives into the ocean to a certain depth and releases the stone such that it most certainly reaches within the sonar field of the uss kitty hawk….can anybody imagine this stone going unturned….no,well to be very honest there are still few Metrobloggers who use both options simultaneously….beats me!

    When i see the Metroblogging with this perspective i see no reason for an alternative/competative second team of bloggers as suggested for each city.

    pebble on the [email protected] post

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