Parking Complications Compounded


I’m what you might call “parking anxious.” I’m under the delusion that parking should be easy, quick, and relatively inexpensive. It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t like living in Chicago and it’s also one of the reasons why I love where I live in Silver Lake…we get the same spot every night, any time. The only inconvenience I have to deal with is Sunset Junction but that’s once a year and I can either choose not to go anywhere (please, please) or we do parking-checkers with our landlord to secure a spot. Easy.

So while I’m mentally preparing for the noise and the crowded parking that will be taking place in my ‘hood because of Sunset Junction this weekend I was not at all prepared for the signs I saw today while walking my dogs – there will be filming on the surrounding streets of my house this Wednesday and Thursday which means, EEEK, all of my neighbors will be parking on my street. This means that parking will not only be a nightmare this Saturday and Sunday but Wednesday and Thursday as well! Why is it that this stuff always comes in bunches?

Easy parking is something to easily take for granted and while this is a relative non-issue it still complicates my schedule and I’m sure my neighbor’s schedule as well. I can see the trucks and port-potties already arriving (see that image in the extended entry) so at the very least I’m just hoping all this effort is because they’re filming the Shield!


5 thoughts on “Parking Complications Compounded”

  1. Parking is a pain. I went to Connecticut once and discovered that parking there is pretty much impossible unless you want to spend $20 a day at a parking garage. I think I’ll stick to the good ole midwest parking.

  2. Parking in Pasadena is getting to be ridiculous. Within two days, a valet upped their WEEKDAY rate from $6 to $10. IN PASADENA!!!!! Amen to Silverlake!

  3. Uh, Alex… as much as I hate Connecticut, as I grew up there, I don’t think parking was ever a problem. Unless you’re in Hartford or New Haven, most of the rest is rural and sparsely populated…

  4. as an ex-nutmegger myself, i gotta say there are much better reasons to hate connecticut. like the speedtraps designed to halt one’s progress traveling between boston and new york.

  5. As a car owner, I feel your pain — On the other hand, I wish that — beyond making parking easier — we could make a car-free life easier. Seriously, owning a car’s a real pain in the ass for me — I hate parking it, washing it, etc. etc.

    But I calculated, and even with the parking fees and hassles and shit, it’s cheaper and way easier to own a car than to rely on bus, train, bike, and flexcar — even if you did ALL of them — AND lived in Santa Monica like I do! That’s fucked up.

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