Kennedy’s Center

kennedy.jpgI’ve been a fan of for a few months in part because of the steady stream of short films showcasing interesting tight-perimeter aspects of L.A. from the local perspective, and I just recently found a new addition by filmmaker Robert Sobul about Silver Lake’s nightlife, fronted by an infectious dude and self-professed “international rock superstar” named Kennedy who I’d never heard of before.

Coming from someone who for a time thought the now defunct Jeff Electric on Sunset Boulevard was a real electrician’s outfit, it will be no surprise if I’m the last person in the vicinity to discover this guy, but if nothing else perhaps I can be the first to give him a shout out here on

What makes the clip so enjoyable to watch isn’t just that Kennedy’s such a flip and fun-loving Dodge Dart-driving definitive hipster, it’s also the catchy poptart songs “Karate” and “Your Mama” that keep the the segment moving. Turns out they’re Kennedy’s and I found them as part of his six-cut EP “Special K” that I bought via iTunes. Digging into the internets a little deeper uncovered his MySpace page as well as his official website and revealed that while I may not be the last person around the lakes of Echo Park and Silver to learn about him, he’s indeed developed quit ethe following. His next live perf is scheduled for September 8 at Largo on Fairfax. Just might have to check it out.

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  1. Kennedy is awesome. He annoys some people, but not I. Oddly, we went to neighboring local high schools, and he dated my friend for about a year until I lost track of them both during college. When I encountered him again years later (maybe 2002?) he way playing in the Silversun Pickups and doing his solo stuff on the side. I never made the connection that “Here’s the dude named Kennedy who I knew in high school,” which is odd, because he’s been a character quite consistently since those days. It took me until 2005 to figure that out. Now he guest deejays on Indie 103.1, does cool stuff like the Turn Here movies, and writes songs like “Scott Sterling Extreme Sports Challenge.” [Sterling runs The Fold, which books indie rock shows at places like Tangier and Silverlake Lounge.]

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