WeHo Morning

I love this eclectic bastion of insanity proudly waving its flag in the middle of LA County. I am woken up by opera singing neighbors at 7:30am and jackhammers at 7:45! I can just as easily purchase authentic French or Russian pastries. Run into trannies or mobsters on the street. Pass an equal number of medical marijuana pharmacies, adult entertainment venues and pawn shops on my way to yoga class. And garner strange looks when I walk down the sidewalk holding my boyfriend’s hand.

One thought on “WeHo Morning”

  1. What is the noise code? When can annoying construction start anyway? I have neighbors who start hammering and drilling at 730 in the morning. If they had to do some work cause they only had two weeks to get some major work done or something but this guy seems to get up early. Do one project that wakes me up and then stops. WTF?

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