Seeing Stairs

tower_small2.jpgLast week Hexod gave a whole lotta love to the Ketchum YMCA downtown and I strongly echo his sentiments. I’ve been a member of what’s been one of the civic center’s best kept secrets for several years, and while this last year or so you’d be more likely to find me at their aging rooftop tennis courts nearby at the World Trade Center on Figueroa rather than in the state-of-the-art fitness facility itself at 4th and Hope, I couldn’t agree more with Hexod that the place is just about the best around downtown to get physical — which is why I’m taking my support to the next level for the first time by signing up to participate in their annual Stair Climb To The Top fundraising event, taking place October 6 and 7.

Not only am I looking forward to helping raise money that will go toward important outreach programs the Ketchum Y offers the community it serves, but I’m also looking very forward to a kickass opportunity for a unique physical challenge — with a payoff being sucking some serious wind from the 1,018-foot-high rooftop of the U.S. Bank Tower, the tallest building west of Chicago and east of New Zealand while admiring the views afforded there. All I’ve got to do is whip my own ass climb up the skyscraper’s 1,500 steps from the lowest underground parking level to the top of of its 73 stories. Yikes! The less I think about those numbers, the better.

You don’t have to be a member to play, but you do have to commit to raising a minimum of $100 and that needs to be paid upfront at time of registration. Or you can just leave the climbing to me and commit to a donation of your choice that will help me achieve my goal amount. Either way it will benefit the invaluable community resource that the Ketchum Y is.