Makin’ Bucks at ‘Bucks

Working at Starbucks

So people dragging laptops to Starbucks (or other coffee shops) is nothing new, but for some reason this caught my eye this morning at the Starbucks just north of Hollywood on Vermont. I was in there a few days ago and this wasn’t there, so they have just now installed an actual desk for people to work at, complete with center power, lighting and a little wall to give you some privacy from the other folks working next to you. I’ve always thought that Coffee Shops tolerated people working so long as they kept buying coffee, and used the WiFi to draw them in but this definitely is a step in the “stay here and work” direction. Wonder if they will be providing copy/fax services next?

5 thoughts on “Makin’ Bucks at ‘Bucks”

  1. there’s one up here that has the same – but not all seem to. i often wonder what the proper buck netiquette is: if i’m paying for access to the hotspot, i certainly don’t feel as compelled to purchase coffee products (perhaps one coffee, but not much more unless i feel like it, not becuase i feel i have to pay rent).

    smaller shops that offer free wifi or where i know i can nab someone else’s signal – definitely ante up more frequently there.

  2. Well I work at the buck and the fact of the matter is, you can sit there all day long and not buy coffee. If you’re paying for the hotspot, feel free to take up space, though it’s hard to deny that want for a cup of joe while sitting in a frigid starbucks lobby.

    My store has about 15 people who use Starbucks as their office. They have meetings they have interviews. Its very interesting.

  3. I’ve been to one in Torrance and one in the Antelope Valley that had these desks. I bought coffee and didn’t use the wifi and stayed as long as I wanted (usually about 2-3 hours or whenever I finished the novel writing for the day).

    I think they should install a gajillion of these desks at airports. (They don’t have to part of a Starbucks or have wifi or anything, I was just really irritated in Chicago trying to find an outlet AND a space to sit down in one place.)

  4. Creative City Cafe in West Hollywood has at least printing services available. What’s weird to me is the dueling signs in the shop: One proclaims that nearly everything on the menu is under $5 while another asks that if you use the WiFi, to please spend at least $5/hour.

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