Lamb chops all around


[click for full lamb experience]

Normally our Musso and Frank ordering spans all food groups and all bounds.
By now several of us even have foods named after us. They don’t appear on
the menu, but rest assured they’re there.

Thursday is after all Chicken Pot Pie night, and at least one member of our
party usually orders it. Between that and sand dabs, steaks, and salads,
it’s usually a good variety.

This week we all fell prey to the Laaaaaamb Chops. You can see why!

4 thoughts on “Lamb chops all around”

  1. Every time I go to Musso’s – every … single … time – I order the lamb chops medium rare, a nice martini and apple pie a la mode for dessert. One of the few pure old-world dining pleasures in the city.

    Lunch time is a different matter – try the beef stew. Wunnerful, wunnerful.

  2. I think they look gross. I guess it’s just my dislike for eating meat right off the bone. I bet it was delicious if you say so.

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