Trader Joe does it again


If there’s a more perfect food than this I want to know about it.

Trader Joe has done it again, this time with licorice – not too hard, but not too goopy, not too strong, but not too wimpy, and in the shape of an adorable little Scottie Dog no less.


(unless you don’t like licorice, in which case I got nuthin’ fer ye.)

21 thoughts on “Trader Joe does it again”

  1. Most Americans are not used to real licorice taste. I’ve had people acusing me of trying to poison them, when I let them try some “Dubbel Zoute Drop” (double salted licorice) from Holland.

  2. Not sure if they’re doggie-shaped or not, but I did see some red licorice next to the doggies.

  3. Or the candy shop near the Burbank AMC, for that matter… salt licorice, scotty dogs AND the philosopher’s choice: LICORICE PIPEs – all in stock.

  4. The one I’m talking about is adjacent to Market City Caffe, at the intersection of San Fernando and Palm.

    It’s not really anything special, I imagine you can find similar stuff at any number of bag-your-own candy stores – but they do have a very good licorice selection.

  5. huphtur – Solvang may be Danish, but they do carry DZ in the candy shop there.

    DZ is not necessarily “real” licorice taste, try chewing on a licorice root sometime, that’s the real stuff. (Personally, I think that salted licorice tastes like catbox … but I’m still fascinated by it.)

    I’ve found a pretty good licorice selection at Cost Plus (but your mileage may vary).

    My favorite Dutch licorice are the little bee hive looking ones that have honey in them – great combo.

  6. Krazydad: im definately gonna check that spot out. Thanks for the heads up.

    Cybele, cool! I will bring some Honing Drop with me for you. You ever tasted salmiac licorice?

  7. huphtur – I don’t know if I’ve had true salmiac, but I’ve tried a lot of different licorices (the latest array is posted here, but I picked them up in Pennsylvania.

    I’ve been curious about Finnish pepper licorice, if you’ve seen that anywhere, give me a holler.

    Heather – I’ll check the Farmers Market next time I’m over there (not for DZ, but other versions).

  8. I just purchased the Scottie Dogs. In Holland we would classify those under “zacht zoet” which translates to “soft sweet”. I ate the whole thing.

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