2 thoughts on “Why they call it The FORCE of Nature”

  1. Yes it’s plagerized….

    Last time I was in Tahiti they had just finished putting the first asphalt road, you know, like black tar, all the way around the perimeter of Moorea Island, and it had been there for six months. And as I was walking alone, miles away from anybody or anything, I saw a little tiare flower that had punched its way through hard-pack dirt, gravel and then blacktop tar and asphalt. And I thought, what kind of pressure can exert against all of that?

    Take your hand and try and be as gentle as that flower’s maximum exertion. You can’t do it. But the persistence defeated everything that any guy ever drew on a drawing board,. It’s not possible to be that gentle. But to maintain that persistence that allows you to push through gravel and blacktop. I’ve always tried to apply that to myself. One of the few times that I’ve seen it really vividly in front of me.

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