Dissed Beliefs

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/08/crux-thumb.jpgCracking open the California section of this morning’s L.A. Times I did a double take at the dramatic illustration (at right; click to biggify) of the crucifixion of Jesus packaged with Tanya Caldwell’s page-two article on how Christian comic books have yet to blow up to a more massive appeal.

The compelling image by artist/writer Robert Luedke isn’t exactly what one expects to be confronted with in the Times first thing on a Saturday morning and I couldn’t help but dive into it, only to find that perhaps for lack of a copy editor or at least one with sharper eyes, there’s a pretty doh!-able spelling error at the end of the text box down in the bottom right of the panel:

“Once a victim is hanging on the cross, strain is instantly placed upon the wrists, arms and shoulders. As the physician Luke has shared with me… for some, this will result in a dislocation of the elbow or shoulder joints. This agony felt by those punished in this manner, helped to coin a whole new phrase to describe the pain… excuciating!”

Excuciating? Maybe if one’s getting “cucified.” Instead I believe the word Luedke failed to nail is “excruciating,” which is exactly how to describe such a typo (enlargement of it after the jump).


6 thoughts on “Dissed Beliefs”

  1. I found a typo on the home page of the first West edition of the magazine.

    It was in the sub-head of the second story (or maybe the first, I can’t remember).

    I sent them two emails with a correction. The typo stayed up there all week, I have no idea if they fixed it as the page was replaced with the new edition the following weekend (and the archived edition didn’t have the subhead).

  2. Enough people already hate me without my outing myself as a grammarian – but I can’t ignore the irony of b.la complaining about spelling errors when many of our own posts are rife with them.

    Is it so hard to compose a post in a program that offers Spellcheck?

    [attacks commence]

  3. No hate here Ruth, and point well taken. I may very well be calling the kettle black on this one, but I just couldn’t resist. Especially since my typos could never come close to equaling the irony of Luedke going to all the trouble of detailing the derivation of “excruciating” from “crucifixion,” yet then he spells it wrong. To me it’s somewhat akin to blowing the punchline of a joke.

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