Blogger, 1; pedestrians on the bike path, 0

While Metroblogging has had a MySpace profile for awhile, this may be the first instance of linking to an actual MySpace blog. But since the blog is an L.A.-based one AND the post is a hi-larious rant about nimrod pedestrians taking umbrage when cyclists dare to use their designated thoroughfare AND there are so many cycle-haids on–well, I couldn’t resist.

Brief excerpt:

…if you choose to put yourself in the path of 230 pounds of human and metal moving at 10-16MPH, the laws of nature trump your personal beliefs. Period. If you want to argue the laws of physics, you will do so having taken the short route to the cement, period. Now the bike and rider might lose out as well, but you WILL lose. Doesn’t matter if you feel instructions don’t apply to you, and you prefer the cement of bike paths as opposed to the ped path right next to them. It doesn’t matter if you wish not to learn directions of “right or left” in the country you live in or are spending time in. Doesn’t matter if you’re chronologically or mentally 4 years old. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, drunk, with your family, or anything else. The equation is this: You = stationary. Hard and semi-hard object that weighs more than you = moving at speed. Result = you lose.

Full, glorious rant on A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Use, here.

2 thoughts on “Blogger, 1; pedestrians on the bike path, 0”

  1. As a cyclist, I regard it as my human duty to be kind to people walking (I sometimes walk) who were here on Earth before wheels were. I regard any cyclist who barges past as a smirking bully and asshole. If you cannot afford a bell or honker or are inexplicably too shy to call out, you can slow down as I do and say “excuse me please”. Most folk awaken from their reverie, which they have every right to be enjoying, and say “sorry”. I say “not at all”. A couple of weeks ago, a cyclist, illegally using Poole Bay beach promenade in July and August hit an old lady and a small child. I am on the side of those weaker than me. Hell, there aint all that many of ’em.

  2. Cy, I have no more patience with cycling bullies than I do with their counterparts on the motorways. And neither I nor the blogger who posted the rant is touting rudeness as a modus operandi when encountering cluelessness.

    If you read the rant, you’ll see that he specifically calls out (a) pedestrians using the bike path illegally and (b) pedestrians who take umbrage when a cyclist has the unmitigated gall to call out a warning.

    Would that all on BOTH sides (not to mention the road) were as considerate as you and my friend are. I mean, come on–no one is going to defend someone who hits an old lady and a kid, especially when they were exercising their right to, um, exercise.

    On a completely different note, I find the symmetry of your name and preferred mode of transportation most delightful!

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