Better Know Xavier Becerra

2106_district_b_m1.jpgAs I’m working my way through this week’s TV I missed on the DVR, I came across The Colbert Report’s profile in Better Know a District of California’s Fightin’ 31st!

That’s right, our very on Xavier Becerra finally made it in there with a pretty spiffy parody of Access Hollywood/Entertainment Tonight prefacing the interview.

The interview is actually pretty painful, as Becerra takes none of the bait that Colbert offers (though he doesn’t ask the Abramoff question).

What I did get out of the interview that was new to me was that Xavier Becerra has proposed a Latino history museum in Washington, DC. (Oh, and that Galveston was named after Bernardo de Galvez … see why we need this museum!)

You can catch the interview on the Comedy Central site:

Watch Part 1 at Comedy Central
Watch Part 2 at Comedy Central

Not the funniest ever, but we totally kicked California’s 6th’s Ass!

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  1. I love that Colbert actually referred to Langer’s as being in the Westlake community. Way to do your research, Comedy Central – very impressive!

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