Art Preservation Echo Park

The Echo Park Historical Society is holding a silent auction tonight at the Metro Gallery. The proceeds from the auction will help fund the preservation efforts of the EPHS:

The mission of EPHS is to preserve the diverse history and culture of our community. Echo Park has long been home to immigrants, artists, political activists, visionaries and musicians. What better way to support this community than through a celebration of its vibrant art scene.

The auction starts at 7pm tonight and the final bids must be submitted by 9pm. The gallery is located at 1835 Hyperion Avenue in Silverlake. My mother, Rhoda Gordon Bullock, has 3 photos available for bidding in the auction. Two of the photos are from her Lotus project, one of which she took in 1968 and another she took recently.

One thought on “Art Preservation Echo Park”

  1. I can’t think of a better way to raise money to preserve a community full of visionaries than by using the arts itself. I hope the auction gets a lot of attention.

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