Today’s misuse of the word “blog” brought to you by…

Mani's menu

That’s a M√ÑNI’S on Fairfax menu, and at the top it says “Blog with us at”. Blog with us? Wow, can I go to their site and post blog entries about something I had there for lunch? Oh, no. They probably mean “Come read our blog” which lives at – it’s the only restraunt blog I know of so I guess that’s pretty cool actually. The top entry when I looked was about how they just made too many cookies so if you came in right now you can get a deal, but most of the rest of the entries seem, to be about the food they are serving, weekly specials, or introducing staff. I can’t seem my self rushing to read this everyday, but it’s something I’ll probably check out prior to going there next time to see what I might be instore for. Although it sure would be nice if they fixed that menu… ouch!

4 thoughts on “Today’s misuse of the word “blog” brought to you by…”

  1. That’s not as bad as what Channel 2 does…and they should know better. One of their anchors has a blog on the KCBS site called, “Let’s Blog!” Not only can users not blog, they can’t even leave a comment!

  2. I don’t know why “Let’s Blog!” makes me laugh so hard, but it sure does. Maybe they mean, “Let’s Blog – on our own!”

  3. Now I haven’t taken the time to read the blog, but what would it be about? “Today we spit in someones food and they didn’t figure it out, it was a riot. Please come and join us”? I don’t know if i want to know the daily going ons of a restaurant….What if they are things that turn me off to the place?

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