I see fake people.

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/08/mbny_citizens-thumb.jpgIn the wake of our 25 Greatest Fictional Angelenos series, a number of other Metroblogging sites have undertaken similar lists.

Today, Metroblogging New York counts down the last five of its top 25 Greatest Fictional New Yorkers. Among those already seen have been Jay “The Great” Gatsby, Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, that floozy Holly Golightly, bus driver Ralph Kramden, club kid/disco god Tony Manero, and some guy named Ishmael-something from some boat that had a problem with some whale. Click here to keep up with those bustling East Coasters.

A little closer to home, Metroblogging Orange County is beginning to assemble their list, and appear to have a pretty good start:

Michael Bluth of Arrested Development, Shaun Brumder in “Orange County,” Marissa Cooper of “The OC,” Characters from “A Scanner Darkly,” The Duke (John Wayne) – if the airport has a statue of him as his main character then I’ll accept it, John Locke (works in Tustin, CA) and/or Sayid Jarrah of “Lost” (was on his way to Irvine, CA when Oceanic Flight 815 was lost over the Pacific), Sam Seaborn of “The West Wing,” and I’m sure there are more.

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment on their post here.

And rumors abound that Metbloggers in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and Chicago all plan will also be unveiling their lists pretty soon. But to be honest, the one I’m most looking forward to are the 25 Greatest Fictional Pakistanis (perhaps a joint venture between Metblogs in Karachi and Islamabad…)

3 thoughts on “I see fake people.”

  1. Personally, I think Orange County has the best list of fictional characters so far. I’m interested in seeing what they come up with for Chicago though. That could be a good list also.

  2. If you guys have any more OC characters, let us know.

    I think we have enough for 15 for sure, 25 may be pushing at as the fictional characters might not hold up to the fictional list that blogging.la and New York have put together.

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