Sweatin’ Bullet Points: 8/17/06

abandoned_kid.jpg‚Ä¢ Mack at LA Voice has posted details on this little girl who was abandoned in an Oakland park. While I don’t see the logic in trying to reconcile the two, her mother is supposedly from the Los Angeles area, so if you know where she can be found please contact police.

‚Ä¢ Those LAisters are hatin’ on the fast food. First up is Zach Behren’s complaint about unattended garbage in the middle of Westwood’s In N Out (its called atmosphere), followed by Anti slingin’ deep fried sh*t at Taco Bell, Jack In the Box, and Carl Jr. to whom he writes, “If your french fries weren’t so salty and delicious I would probably never come back. I hate you.” McMagically, McDonalds is spared the LAist slap.

‚Ä¢ In response to an LA Times ad by various folks in the entertainment industry condemning Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations, Independent Sources writes: “It’s about time that liberal politics and the entertainment industry in general are no longer synonymous with coddling terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.” Am I the only one offended by this?

‚Ä¢ Up at Metroblogging San Francisco, Violet Blue has been keeping tabs on vlogger Josh Wolf, who is in jail for refusing to turn over video he took of a protest at last year’s G8 summit in the Mission District. This Saturday and next Thursday there will be events to benefit his defense fund, so if you’re planning on being up in SF sometime in the next week get the details here.

• Fellow movie geeks, can anyone match my 798 points at the Arclight? How about my current net worth of H$198,613,136.53 at the Hollywood Stock Exchange? Does anyone in LA actually still play HSX? If so, add me to your league (user name: beckett).

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  1. I scoff. Behold my mighty 1545 points. If only alcohol added to the points, Clerks II would have doubled that. Yet, even after 5 cinema themed drinks, still not funny. (My same plan tonight for Snakes.)

    BTW, People still play HSX?

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