Secret Agent Council Man spite of my criticism of the City Council earlier this week, I do want to commend Council President Eric Garcetti for enlisting in the Navy. Regardless of what motivated this decision (patriotism, political ambition, a little of both), his eight year commitment is nothing to balk at – neither is the possibility that his unit could be called for active duty.

According to the LA Times, Garcetti has already begun spending one weekend a month in San Diego for training sessions, and during the City Council’s two week recess (beginning next week), he’ll be in Pensacola, FL preparing to be an intelligence officer.

Thats right, Garcetti is being groomed to be a secret agent.

Also of note is one of the reasons the Council President gave for enlisting: “I’m a proponent of mandatory national service, and I think we have sacrificed very little in my generation.”

(more at LA Observed and the LA Times)

7 thoughts on “Secret Agent Council Man”

  1. OMFG,

    1. I can’t think of a single issue that I’ve seen him back that I supported.

    2. Yet, I feel compelled to vote for him.

    3. I now totally feel unworthy of being an American.

    I feel dirty and confused…. wtf?

  2. It’s noble to sign up, however, were he my councilmember, I would wish he had waited until after his term of service to do so, since I would have hired him to do a job and wish him to stay around to complete it.

  3. “I’m a proponent of mandatory national service”

    Oh good! We used to call that a draft. Let’s bring it back, but this time it’s for everyone!

    An interview I heard earlier this week indicated that Councilman Garcetti was not unaware of the political benefits gained by military service, should he one day run for Congress or otherwise called to work in Washington D.C.

  4. I’m with CD (above) — doesn’t he already have a job to do, ON MY DIME?

    I’m not paying him to go play Navy, am I?

    And if so, who’s our Councilbot in his stead, and now that I think of it, who elected said replacement?

  5. While I’m a bit embarassed by the picture, rest assured to all my good constituents that I am only doing my two weeks of active duty as an officer in the Navy Reserve. These two weeks coincide with our two week council recess for August.

    I do strongly believe in mandatory national service, but with the option for people to participate in Vista or Peace Corps or a non-military option if people choose. I just think that we are asked to give back little sometimes, especially in comparison to most other countries and there is little glue that brings together young folks from around the country across geography, ethnicity, and class.

    And while I have an 8-year commitment in which it is quite likely that I could be mobilized at some point for an active tour of duty, I need about 2 and a half years under my belt before that could happen, which takes me to the end of my term. I take my responsibility to my district extremely seriously and I appreciate CD’s comments. Lastly for Ruth, my office will be open every day for business and the incredible team at CD13 will be available for any constituent concerns that you have and I will be checking in with them each day from Florida. If you have any needs, please call them at 323 957 4500. Thanks!

  6. I agree that some kind of service should be mandatory – my parents instilled that idea in me from a young age, and they always added that such service need not be in the armed forces, but could be in the branches you also list, Councilman Garcetti. I think your current job certainly counts as public service as well.

    Best of luck in your new role – and I hope that peace catches up faster than your 2 and a half years of pre-deployment training period passes.

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