Ketching Up With Ketchum

One thing that I definitely missed while travelling was my near daily ritual of working out at the Ketchum Downtown Los Angeles YMCA. It’s the best gym that I have ever been a member of.

If you are looking to join a gym, this would be a good one. It’s located in downtown, the facilities are modern and ample, and they have good classes(hatha yoga and muay thai for me…), as well as trainers who will help you create a fitness program that you can track online or at terminals at the gym. Also, there is parking.

I mean, I did not find out about until last year, which is too bad since I have lived in that vicinity for close to seven years.

4 thoughts on “Ketching Up With Ketchum”

  1. I was a member of the Hollywood branch for several years and I loved it as well. I would totally recommend it to people who can’t make it downtown. As an added bonus, they have recipricol membership so you can use the one you’re not a member of during off-peak hours.

    I actually got my transfer letter to switch over to the downtown branch when we moved, but ended up forgoing a membership all together. I’m looking forward to rejoining at Ketchum some day.

  2. i got to the downtown Y and it is really nice all the way around, staff to classes to equiplment..

    plus if you are poor, they offer discounted membership fees.

    ps. the santa monica Y sucks.

  3. Penelope and I are Y members and we love it… we haven’t been going as much as we used to, mostly due to being so busy with the wedding, but we are going to start going back regularly now.

  4. I swim at the Santa Monica Y, it doesn’t suck, especially with a non-chlorine pool. But, I’m fine with it having a sucky reputation if that means that it will stay uncrowded.

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