I don’t even listen to the radio

…so I am probably not the ideal person to post this. (Alternate title: blogging.la isn’t a news site, but here is some news.)

A trip to Franklin Avenue finds the news that KZLA is making the dramatic switch from country music to dance/top 40 and changing their name to Movin 93.9. Furthermore, Rick Dees will be the host of their new morning show. Oddly, I am sure I remember Dees, though it seems unlikely that I listened to KIIS FM much in the two months between when I moved here and when he left the station.

The question is, what will LA do with no country music radio? (And what will I do without the “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” billboards to make me laugh?)

Read the full story at Franklin Avenue.

11 thoughts on “I don’t even listen to the radio”

  1. I, for one, am totally and completely heartbroken. KZLA was a great, great radio station, on for over 25 years in L.A.

    Honestly, there are no words. One can only hope that another company moves quickly to fill the void as Los Angeles is home to many, many country music lovers. I’ll also be researching what other area stations are owned by EMMIS so I can pull them from my speed buttons. Jerks.

  2. I dont even like country music but it sucks that they’re being replaced. Im going to also miss those billboards…the cowboy is really hot! Ill ride that anytime.

  3. If you think the “KZLA” listeners are going to switch to this new “Movin” the “Powers That Be” are in for a rude AWAKENING!!! KZLA disappeared from the airwaves without notice to us faithful listeners so lets Band Together and get “Movin” to another station. Hopefully we won’t be without Country Music for too long.

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