Sweatin’ Bullet Points: 8/16/06

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  • Sploid!, aka “”Drudge Report meets the Weekly World News”, is going 404. The Gawker Media/Ken Layne site was put up for sale a few months ago and hasn’t had any takers. For my money, Sploid! beats the funny pants off The Onion… all the more notable because all the stories in Sploid! are actual news items. (h/t LA Observed)
  • BonBlogs is counting the hours until “Snakes on a Plane” opens this Friday… unsure if she’s aware that there’s multiple Thursday night screenings around town. Which reminds me, if only Sam Jackson spoke Parseltongue, “SOAP” could have been “Look Who’s Talking 4”.
  • The Southern California Restaurant Historical Society (yes, there is one) will have a tribute to the Brown Derby this Saturday, August 19th from 10am-noon. The free event will feature discussions and presentations by “Jane Lane, Master caricaturist from the Hollywood Brown Derby, Mark Willems, author, “The Brown Derby Restaurant: A Hollywood Legend” and Rebecca Goodman of the Save the Derby Coalition.” Location: 4500 Los Feliz Blvd. (h/t LA Time Machines)

  • Get paid volunteer to talk on the phone! KABC Radio is looking for people to answer calls and take donations from September 8-11th, with a portion of funds supporting LA County’s Emergency Survival Program. Volunteers will receive “I Got My Kit Together” swag if they give three or more hours of their time. For more information or to enlist contact Joyce Harris ([email protected]) with Office of Emergency Management or Larissa Maynes ([email protected]) at KABC Radio.
  • A new study concludes that “driving while chatting on a ‘hands-free’ cellular phone is just as dangerous as driving while holding a mobile phone”. The surprising part is they were able to figure this out at the University of Utah, far far away from the intersection of Santa Monica and La Brea, where a casual observation would prove their findings.

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  1. Santa Monica and La Brea is where The Man got clocked by a hit & run driver running a red light. Im not sure if she was on the phone.

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