Sacrilicious Statements on Pie’n’Burger

pienburg.jpgOn Saturday, the boyfriend and I finally went to Pie’n’Burger, not far from where he lives in Pasadena. After all, Los Angeles Magazine and the LA Weekly both heavily hinted that this was one of the best burgers to be had in L.A. (beyond Father’s Office and the Counter, that is) And LA Time Machine also gave it glowing reviews.

But when we actually got there, moderately psyched for the burger experience, it was sadly non-exciting. Sure, it was fun to sit at the counter and look at all the fixtures – many of which dated back to the restaurant’s early days. It was entertaining to examine the old fashioned cash register, and to watch the waitress actually mix a Coke with syrup and soda. But the burger itself was not the burger nirvana I had been led to expect. In fact, I’d actually go so far as to compare it to an In-n-Out burger in size and texture. And when I’m sitting at a restaurant counter, especially one where a burger is $5.95, I do expect it to be something more special than what I get at the drive-thru.

So if we’d been there to pretend we’d just left the sock hop, it would have been great. However, since we were there actually to eat, it was not the experience I’d hoped for. I know this is blasphemy, of course – I know that Pie’n’Burger has a cult-like following built on its history and tradition. Maybe next time, we should just share a malt and pretend we’ve just left the sock hop instead.

7 thoughts on “Sacrilicious Statements on Pie’n’Burger”

  1. Are you sure you put the burger in your mouth? Because I love those damn burgers. Not as much as the old In and Out though.

    They have excellent pie as well. They actually are one of the few places I’ve seen around here that has olallieberry pie.

  2. Seconds on the pie! it’s quite tasty.

    The pie is part of the whole experience, hence the “Pie” part of pie’n burger :)

    I thought it was a fun yummy place…

  3. The burgers are good, but did you not have the pie? That’s the sacrilege, sweety! It’s the pie that brings it all home. A warm slice of cherry with a blob of vanilla ice cream? Oh hell yeah!

  4. Just to be redundant, yes the burger is okay but it’s really just setting you up for the pie, which is outstanding no matter which flavor you choose.

  5. OK, OK, but after the burger, how do you FIT a pie in there?

    We’ll go try the pie next weekend. Without filling up on burgers first. Still – all the magazines raved about the “‘n’Burger” part, not the “Pie” part of the name.

  6. Thanks for the review jillian. I have to admit, I couldn’t figure out the buzz on pie n burger. And like you, am a fan of the counter and fathers office (in that order).

    Have u been to the place in eagle rock – the bucket I think its called? My cousin and I tried once and they told us it would be 45 minutes. And we only saw 2 people in front of us. wtf?

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