Be the L.A. Al Gore

As director Davis Guggenheim mentioned during the Q&A after opening day of An Inconvenient Truth at the ArcLight, Al Gore’s intention was always to bring his message of global warming and what we need to do about it to the widest audience possible AND do it by disrupting the environment as little as possible.

So now you can apply to be one of the first 100 people to bring the message to L.A.! They’re accepting applications for the first wave of training in Nashville; how you get yourself there is your eco-bidness. Maybe take a cue from local faves, the Ditty Bops or Midnight Ridazz and human-power your way there…

The Climate Project Training Program, via, via

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  1. On a side note, the poster for that movie always made me laugh.. the hurricane is rotating clockwise, which no hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere or anywhere near the United States would ever do.

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