The Dude Abides at the Arclight


Jeffrey “the Dude” Lebowski was voted the number 2 best fictional character based in Los Angeles by this month so it’s no secret we love the Dude. And since my tickets are safely procured I can release the best news of the summer…the Big Lebowski is having two screenings at the Arclight on Monday, August 21st as part of their 21 and up showings. Here’s hoping they’ll be serving white Russians! The 8pm is sold out but tickets are still available for the 10:30 one – yes it’s late but oh so worth it. Crap, can Los Angeles get any better?

The Big Lebowski by the Coen Brothers is a brilliantly brilliant movie but the thing about this film is that it gets better with each viewing. In fact, the first viewing is generally greeted with a “uh, that was good” but by the third or fourth time, you’re hooked and by hooked I mean quoting, naming pets after characters, and creating festivals about the Dude. And if you don’t love it that much then you’re a Nilist. I’ve been watching the Big Lebowski on DVD multiple times for years now on DVD and this will be my first time seeing it on the big screen. Unlike the previous older movies shown at the Arclight like Jaws, the Shining, or Psycho (films I literally was unable to see) the Big Lebowski was shown during the parliance of my time.

The next 21 and up movie is the fabulous, and my dad’s favorite film, Ghostbusters on Monday, August 28.

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  1. Hmmm, I don’t mean to burst your bubble about the whole fictional LA character thing, but “The Dude” was actually based on a real person. People call him “The Dude.” I met him at Sundance a few years ago. I think he’s now a producer or something. He looks just like the character in the movie too. I bet some googling would shed some more light on this.

  2. What’s Google? Ha ha.

    Amanda, you can’t seriously think that I don’t know who Jeffrey Lebowski is based on when I even mention the fest in this post. Even though he’s based on Jeff Dowd he’s still not a real person…or is he?

  3. !!!! Thank you thank you about posting about this gem of an event! I am so geekily excited about this event, it’s not even funny! Got my 10:30 tickets and am SO set to get my white russian on while watching this on the big screen!

    Caryn, you’re my hero!!!

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