More AKs, this time with photos!


If you’ve been following the LAPD Blog you know about the Officer who was shot with a full auto AK-47 this week. It’s been discussed in local blogs too, Mack Reed posted about it as did our own Ben High (pictured here with his own semi auto AK). Most of the reports so far have been details only, but today the LAPD posted photos to their flickr account from a press conference showing the suspect Jose Perez, the gun he used, and the patrol car he shot up. That’s an insane grouping there on the windshield, clearly this wasn’t the first time Perez picked up a rifle like this. Yowza!

2 thoughts on “More AKs, this time with photos!”

  1. So what exactly were these two half-wits were doing driving around LA with armor-piercing bullets in a fully automatic weapon?

  2. They weren’t armor piercing bullets per se, the AK 47 uses 7.62 x 39mm rounds. The vests that police wear are only designed to stop pistol caliber rounds. They would have to wear much bulkier ceramic plate armor to stop high velocity rounds like the 7.62.

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