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LA City Nerd doesn’t hide his displeasure toward the city’s website announcing the 225th birthday of Los Angeles. But who can blame him? The Nerd has apparently poured more time and energy into compiling a truly indispensanble list of his own 225 ways anyone in our city can celebrate…

A few months ago, McDonalds found its longstanding partnership with Disney severed after as the Mouse House determined that greasy fast food wasn’t in keeping with its family values. On my last visit to Mickey D’s (two hours ago) I noticed that they’re now giving away toy Hummers in their new Happy Meals. I wonder who’ll be the first to protest Humvee for encouraging obesity? The horror!

Hollywood Flakes lists “You’re Probably from L.A. If…” Samples include: “You know a dude who gets pedicures”, “You know the difference between the 1, the 101 the 110 and the 10 freeways” and “You’re terrified to leave your house when it rains.”

Stephen Blackmoore’s L.A. Noir recaps the events that led to pimp Hyon Gu “Eddie” Kang having his sentence for multiple rapes and batteries reduced from 271 years in prison to a mere 220 years.

Don’t know how I missed this from Sploid! headlined “Snakes on a Chimp”:

Los Angeles has been rocked by the terrible death of a zoo chimpanzee after it was attacked by a wild rattlesnake. Judeo the chimp died last week after the rattler dropped into the animal’s habitat at the LA Zoo in rustic Griffith Park.

Surfas Restaurant Supply (and annual mecca for me to get Christmas cookie supplies) may become a victim of eminent domain – apparently the city of Culver City wants to use the property for part of the Exposition Light Rail Line project. Bad timing for Surfas – they’d just moved their business from a couple block away less than a year ago. (h/t Curbed LA… additional coverage at Eating LA).

Mr. T gives a tour of Neverland Ranch at Los Anjealous.

And the LAist’s Tony Pierce posted not one, but two similarly bullet pointed columns today (if you must choose, choose the first one – hot triplets below the headline!)

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