Police shootings, AK-47’s and high-tech license plate readers!

On Saturday our friends in the LAPD pulled over a stolen car somewhere northeast of downtown (Montecito Heights, I’ve heard?) and were greeted by a hail of gunfire from an AK-47. “Rookie” Officer James Tuck, according to NPR, was shot three times, once in the hand and twice in the stomach, although his vest was able to slow down the bullets he’s now in stable condition at USC University Hospital. His partner 18-year LAPD veteran Officer John Porras returned fire, wounding the shooter. You can read the AP story here.

This is really intense, I don’t know if anyone has been around an AK-47 before but this is the gun that the bad guys use in all the movies. . .also the bad guys in places like Iraq and pretty much anywhere else there are “bad guys,” even a fair amount of “good guys.” This is the main combat rifle to most of the world. These criminals were not messing around and it is beyond commendable that Office Porras was able to effectively return fire and apprehend the two bad guys.

In other LAPD news, KPCC’s Rachael Myrow takes a ride in the new totally electronic LAPD squad cars and learns a little bit about their digital license plate readers. The sort of thing that’ll read and run your plate as you drive by the car, automatically telling the officers if they should be after you or not. It’s pretty awesome if you’ve ever had a car stolen and expected to get it back or, y’know, think criminals should be busted all the time, but also pretty terrifying in the respect that every plate that gets run is recorded with the time and place it was seen. That’s riiiight. . .big brother is watching. Helpful? Chilling? You tell me. Listen to the report here.

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