Where, oh, where is my 5-pak?

I’ve been a KCRW subscriber for years–an Angel, for the flush ones. (I listen to a lot of NPR in between Dr. Laura and Tom Leykis.)

But these are leaner times chez communicatrix, and I’ve had to cut back lately to the $100 pledge level. Less than I’d like, but the nice volunteers during Weekend Becomes Eclectic (where I’ve pledged since Joe Frank went off the air) seemed satisfied, and I still got 5-count-’em-5 CDs of my choosing plus, if I timed it right, a free subscription to Los Angeles magazine.

To my great dismay, I’m listening to the (interminable) pledge drive this morning during Nic Harcourt’s show and I hear a lot of “4-pak at the $100 level”, but no 5-pak! Damn this inflation. Between that and Ann Litt off having her baby, this could be the worst pledge drive ever…

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  1. I too was shocked when I found out that the 5-pack had become a 4-pack when I showed up to volunteer yesterday. For those who wanna get more CDs, I’d tots recommend volunteering — It’s fun, there’s great food (Cha Cha Cha, Dhaba, etc.), and there’s a lil box of free CDs you can dig looking for gems (1 per person per volunteer session). Picked up The Clientele’s Strange Geometry yesterday, and am v. v. happy. Plus volunteers get entered into drawings and can get other free shwag too, from free Ts to CD 10-packs —

  2. I looked long and hard on here for an open forum on local radio; but, after such a search and finding nothing of the sort, I guess I’ll just pst this here:

    After 19+ years, KXLU’s BLUES HOTEL show(wed., midnight-3am) will air it’s final show on August 30…

    While nowhere near the obvious shock of KCRW scaling back to a ‘4-pack’ of CDs for $100, it still means something to us and our listeners.

    (Note to GREEN LA GIRL): Were you more shocked/offended by KCRW’s scaling back their $100 cd packs, or Douridas’ attempt to love up someone in whose drink he allegedly slipped a lil’ something special?

    just asking


    For those who love us, and those who hate us, KXLU’s long-running show, THE BLUES HOTEL, will broadcast it’s final show at 88.8fm, KXLU, on Wednesday night, August 30, from midnight until whenever the hell we wanna get off the air…

    We will be spotlightlighting everything from our favorite blues/jazz gods, to all other forms of the music geek icons to which we bow. Bootlegs of all stripes and genres will be in heavy evidence, as we promise to make our exit like any good loud New Orleans funeral– and for those fans of the show, both Ian and Morris Beef will be there, all the way through, as well.

    To semi-paraphrase/quote a man named Lazy Lester, we will not go quietly, and will instead leave “bloodstains on the walls” as we go out.

    As loud music fucked-up geeks.

    For our listeners….

  4. I’m sad to hear that, Chris. I used to listen to the Blues Hotel, back when I could get KXLU on my radio–out of reception area now.

    As for KCRW, I’m still pissed that they stopped giving out the Fringe Benefits card at the student subscription level. Sure, it’s been like 5 years since they did that, but I’m still pissed.

    Still, $50 makes KPCC’s pledge hooks seem like a bargain (“We’ll take any level that you can contribute…if you can only afford $10 a month, we’ll gladly take that”).

  5. I worked the phones for a couple shifts this weekend and when they announced during our orientation session that the five-packs were being scaled down there was a lot of disappointment. According to the person giving the orientation the record companies haven’t been as supportive of the station as they have in the past and haven’t been giving them the kinds of deals on music they used to. Add to that the general trend of increasing operating costs and there’s been an overall reduction of nice swag.

    Just the same though there were a lot of nice premiums and freebies going out. One of the highest demand freebies I saw was a six-month subscription to the Onion. Only one person got it but countless people wanted it. Of course, technically it’s supposed to be about the giving rather than the receiving, but I really like the receiving too.

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